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Frequently Asked


  • Q: What should I do for my first visit?
    A: Fill out a registration packet. You can fill out at drop off, fill out on our website, or print a packet from our website and bring to your first visit. Bring any food/drink, any diapering needs, extra clothes if potty training.
  • Q: Do I need to make a reservation?
    A: No, it is a drop off facility. But, we recommend reserving a spot because we do have limited space. Or we recommend calling (931)-223-5155 ahead to see if there is space available.
  • Q: What are your hours and prices?
    A: We are open Monday-Thursday 8:30am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 8:30am-10pm. Our pricing is $11/hour for first child, $4/hour for each additional sibling.
  • Q: How long can my child stay?
    A: The state allows 6 hour stays in one day or a total of 10 hours for the week.
  • Q: Can someone else pick up my child if I am unable to?
    A: Yes, The alternative person needs to be on your emergency contact in your registration packet, make sure they have their ID. You can add people or take off as needed.
  • Q: Is an emergency contact required?
    A: Yes, this is a state requirement. The emergency contact needs to be someone besides a parent or guardian. This allows us to contact someone in case we are unable to get in contact with the parent or guardian. This also allows the emergency contact to pick up your child from Muletown Kids.
  • Q: Is my reservation request a guarantee of a spot?
    A: Someone will respond to your request asap to confirm your reservation. If it is within two hours of your drop off time, we require you to call our facility. Caregivers may be busy with children and may not get to your request in time to respond and confirm.
  • Q: What happens if I go over my estimated pick-up time?
    A: Giving us an estimated pick-up time allows us to plan for the proper amount of caregivers. If you go past your estimated pick-up time, that is ok. Enjoy yourselves! As long as it is within the maximum allowed amount of hours in one stay.
  • Q: What happens if i do go over the allowed amount of hours?
    A: Our policy states that we charge $5 for every 15 minutes past the maximum time. This includes the maximum in one day or total for the week. This also includes picking up children past our business hours. So be sure to keep track of your time each week.
  • Q: Are your caregivers cpr/first aid certified?
    A: Yes, every caregiver is cpr/first aid certified and background checked.
  • Q: How is this different than a private sitter?
    A: Whether it is last minute or planned ahead, we are a reliable childcare provider for all of your childcare needs. Children can be in a safe environment and play with endless toys and other children. They get to socialize, explore and learn through open play. You get to drop off your child for some fun, while you get things done. It is an amazing feeling getting things done in half the time, while you know your child is safe and having a blast!
  • Q: What would my child be doing at your facility?
    A: We have so many different toys and activities available to children of all ages. We build forts, play games, use push cars, tracks, dolls, multiple doll/barbie houses, tool benches, air hockey, play stations, such as a doctors office, restaurants, kitchens, grocery store and caterpillar tunnel. We also have an interactive projector, which includes over 200 games like active sports to educational trivia. We provide activities and fun crafts throughout their stay. The fun never ends at Muletown Kids!
  • Policies
    Registration packet must be filled out at first visit by a Parent or Legal Guardian. At Least one emergency contact must be listed, this is someone besides parent or guardian. You may bring food/drinks, we are a peanut free facility. We do have juice/snacks/meals for purchase, as well as diapers and wipes. If no food is provided and your child is there for 3 or more hours, we are required to at least offer a snack to child. This will be added to your total. We have filtered water to give for free. We require all shoes to be taken off to go into the play area and all children must santize hands. You may take socks off as well, so the sock monster doesn't get them ; ) We do recommend children to wear clothes that you don't mind getting messy, as we do crafts that involve paint and other things that may get on clothing. Booboo reports and Incident reports are given to parents/guardians. After the third incident report, it is a requirement to have a discussion about the next steps for the child at Muletown Kids. This may include taking a break or not returning to Muletown Kids. While your child(ren) are in the care of Muletown Kids, you must be available by phone. We need to be able to reach you in case we have a question or there is an emerency, or we need your child picked up due to an incident or illness. If we call for your child to be picked up for any reason, it is a requirement to pick up within the hour. If you are unable to pick up within the hour, someone on your emergency contact will need to pick up. We charge $5 for every 15 mintues intervals that you are over for your allowed amount. This means if you come 20 minutes past your time, you will be charged an extra $10. If you pick up past business hours, it is $1/minute per child. Please keep children home if they are sick. If there is any sign of a communicable disease, we will not allow them to stay at Muletown Kids. If your child becomes ill during their stay. They will need to be picked up immediately.
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